The Council is the goverment of Cainan.

First RungEdit

The first rung of the Council is made up of three members: The Director of External Affairs, the Chief Director of the Marked Forces, and the Director of Public Relations and Internal Affairs. These members hold the highest positions in their respective departments and are elected by the people.

The Director of External Affairs handles any matters that take place outside of the city, usually involving the Affected, pollution, and searches for natural resources. He has a large amount of people at his disposal, including Marked forces, which we'll get to later.

The Director of Public Relations and Internal Affairs handles anything happening within the city. He also has Marked forces at his disposal.

Second RungEdit

The second rung is appointed by the first rung. Members of the second rung can be hired and fired at the will of their first-rung, department-specific superiors. Both the Internal and External Affairs departments have one second-rung member (the Assistant Director of Internal Affairs and the Assistant Director of External Affairs).

Third RungEdit

There are five members here, one for each district.