The Chosen are the inhabitants of Cainan.


  • Heightened senses - Their eyesight, perfect. Their hearing, excellent. Their balance and directional sense, unmatched. However, their senses of smell and are at a normal level.
  • High immunity - They are impervious to all known diseases and viruses that plagued Earth before the Dawn. However, their bodies are overwhelmingly weak to the Meta Virus.
  • Rapid healing - The Chosen are exceptionally healthy and heal quite fast. They also regain their strength faster than a normal human and tire slower.
  • Strength - Though a Chosen could not beat an Affected in a foot race, he could easily win a boxing match against one. When cornered by a Chosen, there is little hope for an Affected, as far as the fight goes.
  • Slow aging - Though their lifespans are shorter than the Affected, the Chosen retain their youth much longer.